Advantages of open real account with CFD BEST BROKER

  • Welcome bonus is desposited in your account.
  • High-quality recommendations sent to your phone to trade in the best time.
  • Islamic account without swap.
  • Customer protection: Limited risk, as CFD BEST BROKER ensures that your account balance is not negative at all. Therefore, you will never owe more money than initially deposited in your account for trading.
  • Small spreads on currency pairs, commodities and spreads.
  • 0% commission and no undeclared fees.
  • Person-to-person training sessions.
  • Free news and daily analysis.
  • 24-hour personal account managers.
  • Excellent customer support, 24-hour during trading days and even during the trading market holiday.
  • Greatest Trading Platforms.
  • Best promotions and rewards.
  • Execute trades without a dealing room (we guarantee trading without any intervention to any merchant and without any restriction).
  • No re-qoute.
  • Many banks compete to provide narrow spreads.
  • Banks can't see your orders.
  • There are no restrictions on entering Stop Orders (Select Gain or Stop Loss).
  • All types of Scalping and Algorithm strategies are welcome.

Raise your chances of exposure through sustainable trading in real time wherever you are and when you want.

  • Get the latest in the world of Forex.
  • Trading with the most developed IT - Daily Data and Analysis, Market News, Moments and Reports.
  • Get real time information about your deals.
  • 24/7 trading and get the latest developments in the Forex world.
  • Trade wherever you are in the world, 24/7 from your mobile or from PC.

You can also trade with us in gold, silver and oil, all without any fees or commissions.