Frequently Questions

First: Forex questions

What is meaning of foreign exchange market (forex)?

The foreign exchange market or the foreign currencies exchange market, also referred to as "Forex" market, is the financial market with the most trading in the world, where the average daily trading rate, about 1.5 trillion pounds, and "foreign exchange" is A simultaneous process in which one currency is bought and another is sold simultaneously. The world's currencies are fixed at floating exchange rates and are always traded in the form of pairs such as EUR /USD or USD/JPY.

What is the main position of Forex trading market?

Foreign exchange trading isn't like the stock market or futures market because forex market isn't based on such markets, and the foreign exchange market is an OTC market or a market between banks From bank to bank, since transactions and trades are managed between two counterparties over the telephone or via an electronic network.

Who are the participants in the Forex market?

The Forex market is called a bank to a bank, since traditionally banks are dominant in this market. These banks include central and commercial banks and investment banks. However, the proportion of other participants in the market is rising so rapidly that it now includes companies Multinationals, international money managers, registered traders, foreign exchange speculators, international money brokers, futures traders and term options "for sale or purchase at a specified price over a specified period" and individual investors.

When is the Forex market available for trading?

The Forex market is a legitimate real market that continues to operate daily over 24 hours from Sunday at 5:00 pm to Friday 5:00 pm with Eastern Time, starting in Sydney to travel around the world, the working day starts at each center Financial centers start with Tokyo, London, and New York. Unlike in any other financial market, investors in the Forex can respond to the currency fluctuations caused by economic, social and political events at the time of day or night.

What currencies are most traded in the Forex?

The most traded currencies are those of countries with stable governments, reputable and respectable central banks and low inflation. Today, there is more than 85% of all daily trades include trading in the most important currencies including the US dollar "USD", the Japanese yen "JPY", Euro "EUR", British Pound "GBP", Swiss Franc "CHF", Canadian Dollars "CAD", and Australian Dollars "AUD".

Is Forex trading high value?

CFD BEST BROKER requires a minimum deposit of 250 dollars and allows customers to carry out "Limit Loss" trading with a leverage of 1:400, meaning that investors can carry trades and trades up to 20,000 using the margin and its ability 50 dollars. However, it is important to remember that while this type of leverage allows investors to maximize their profit, the value of the loss may be as large and the same. For new participants in the foreign exchange markets, There is the most active margin trading opportunity which is up to 1:20 but ultimately depends on investors' ability to take risks.

What is the margin?

Margin is essentially an additional guarantee against the deal. It allows traders to hold leveraged positions with the payment of the shares needed to finance the transaction. In the stock markets, the margin usually is 50%, which means that the investor has doubled purchasing power. Forex We find that the leverage ranges from 1% to 2%, providing investors with the high leverage needed to activate the trading process. Of course, margin trading can increase your risk limit.

What does it mean to have a long buy or short sale?

In the trading language we find that the purchase transaction is the one where the trader to buy a currency at a certain price with the aim of selling later at a higher price, and through this scenario benefit the trader from the rising market, while the sale is the one where the trader sells one of the currencies in anticipation of the decline In this scenario, the trader benefits from the falling market, but it is important to remember that each foreign exchange transaction requires that the trader speculates in buying a currency and selling another

How to determine the currency rates?

Currency rates are affected by a variety of economic and political conditions, economic and political conditions, the most effective and dangerous interest rates, inflation and the extent of political stability. In addition, governments sometimes participate in the Forex to influence the value of their currencies, To reduce the price, or vice versa to buy to raise the price, and know that the intervention by the Central Bank, and we find that any of these factors in addition to large market systems and large-scale can cause sharp fluctuations in currency prices, but the size and magnitude of the market Forex leads It is impossible for any company or entity to physically and practically lead the market for any length of time.

How can I manage risk?

The most prevalent risk management tool in foreign exchange trading is the profit limit order, the stop loss order, and for the profit limit order it places a limit on the maximum price to be paid or at the minimum to be charged; the stop loss order ensures automatic liquefaction For a particular transaction at a predetermined price in order to limit possible losses in the event that the market movement is not in the merchant's favor, and the suspended "suspended orders" do not necessarily reduce the risk of your loss.

What kind of strategy should I follow in trading?

Currency traders take decisions on technical and economic factors. Specialized traders use charts, trend lines, support and resistance levels, and many mathematical analyzes and patterns to identify trading opportunities. Economic analysts have predicted price movements by interpreting the range Wide range of economic information including news, news, government reports and indicators, and even rumors, but the most surprising and exciting price movements occur when unexpected events occur, such events can be titrated H between raising the local interest rates by the central bank, the result of political elections, or even the state of war, yet it is often the expectation of the event and not the event itself is the engine and influential in the direction of the market.

Second: Questions related to gold and minerals

What are gold and silver symbols?

The gold symbols is XAU/USD and the silver symbol is XAG/USD.

What is the value of a single point when trading in gold or silver?

Every single point of the gold trade at the moment is 10 cents or 0.10 dollar per lot (and lot is 10 ounces per ounce), while the silver per point equals 5 dollars per lot (and lot is 500 ounces per ounce).

What is the price difference when trading in gold and silver?

The typical spread for the instantaneous gold price is 55 points, for example 900.25/80. Silver is shown in Spread at 4 points, with the difference in spread depending on the volume of liquidity.

How to calculate margin size in gold and silver?

The normal margin in the metal trade at the moment is 1:100 or 1% as an actual margin, and we note that the increase in the leverage may increase gains or losses.

What is the number of hours in gold and silver trading?

Trading in gold and silver is available from Sunday from 6 pm to 5 pm Friday with Eastern Time, and please note that it is possible to drop the liquidity of the market during outside trading hours in New York (5 pm - 8 pm in EST) Trading in gold and silver at the moment follows CME holidays.

Is there a limit to the amount of gold or silver which can I put in my account?

The maximum amount a customer can do per contract is 1,000 ounces per ounce of gold, while in silver it is 50,000 ounces per ounce of silver.

Can I place orders over the phone?

You can trade with CFD BEST BROKER from any computer connected to the Internet by simply going to a website www.CFD BEST and login to your account or login via the phone app.

Can I keep my deals opened on weekends and major holidays?


Is there an expiry date for commercial contracts in gold and silver?

There is no expiry date when you trade the gold and silver trade at the moment, and as long as you maintain the margin required of you, your trades will be open until the closing report as in currency transactions.

What is the value of the point according to each lot in the trading of gold and silver?

The value of one contract or one lot per gold is equal to 10 ounces per ounce, whereas silver is the value of one contract at 500 ounces per ounce.

Third: Questions related to Crude Oil

What is the number of hours in Crude oil trading?

Trading hours for crude oil trading contracts, symbolized by UKOIL or WTI and symbolized by the USOIL, will start from Sunday at 08:00 EST (01:00 UK time) and will be traded until Friday at 05:00 EST United Kingdom (10: 00 UK time).

Every day there is a break from 06:00 EST (11:00 AM UK) to 08:00 EDT (01:00 UK time).

Note 1: Between 17:15 EST (22:15 UK time) and 18:00 EDT (23:00 UK time) and around 8:00 EDT (01:00 PM) United Kingdom) On a daily basis liquidity and spread spreads can be unstable and price volatility will be limited.

Note 2: On the monthly end date, trading will be unavailable from 14:30 EST (19:30 UK time) until all the procedures have been completed. See Is there an expiry date for Brent crude oil contracts?

What is the maximum number of business contracts I can trade with just one click?

The client can trade more than 25 lottes in UKOIL crude oil and in the USOIL and each Brent crude oil contract is 100 barrels and the maximum limit for each trade is 2500 barrels.

Is there a specific amount of oil that I can put in my account?

Yes, the maximum transaction that a customer can hold in his account is 100,000 barrels.

What is the value of a single point when trading oil?

The one point for trading one lot is equal to 1.00 dollar. If the trader holds a 5-contract deal, that means that one point will equal 5.00 dollars.

What is the difference in the spread when trading oil?

You will see a spread difference of 4-7 points, as an example, the difference between 52.55 and 52.62 which is equal 7 points and the spread depends on market liquidity.

Can I carry deals on weekends and major holidays?

Yes, you can carry a deal on the weekends and major holidays, but please check your account balance so that we can cover any downside against your deal, knowing that it is not common in the oil trade to make a gap (ie trading at prices far from previous prices and when opening markets ) When trading time is reopened after holidays or weekends.

We recommend that you keep a minimum of 10% cash in your deal (to reduce the volume of surprises) as this will help you to deal with any surprise qualifiers and give you the ability to meet any margins required.

What is the price of Brent crude oil and West Texas crude oil?

The price is the price of one barrel of Brent crude or one barrel of WTI and the price is estimated in USD.

What happens when the trade contract ends?

At 10 in UK time on the day of completion, all contracts will be settled for cash. This means that any profit or loss will be recorded in your account balance immediately, and any subsequent orders will be canceled.

Why is the expiry date for oil contracts at 22:00 UK time?

CFD BEST BROKER's trade contracts expire at 22:00 UK time because this time coincides with closing prices for both Brent crude and Nymex West Texas.

Are currency transactions affected by the expiry of oil contracts?

No, your current transactions and orders will not be affected by the expiration of the oil.